Ditrocks info table 2023

We have gathered most of the necessary info below for you, so you can use this page as a cheat sheet to help you get your logistics planning done for the event more easily.

Contact Phone Number

Base Camp & Prolog Location

Offroad Days Parking

Offroad Days Start Location

Race Schedule

Race Regulations

Aditional Updates

  • This year there will be NO organized departure from Base to Start area location, each rider will need to get to the starting area on their own. We will publish the start area location on 14.07.2023!
  • This year there will be NO guarded Park Ferme available, each rider will need to deposit their motorcycle on their own.
  • The prologue will take place at the base camp on a super enduro/enduro cross track consisting of constructed and arranged obstacles.
  • There will be one single briefing on Day 1 before the prolog, which will include all the information and instructions for all the 3 racing days.
  • Garmin GPS will be mandatory for the Pro (A) class riders. For other class riders, It’s not mandatory but we recommend using Garmin GPS, as it will provide the most accurate race data recording and any contestation will be accepted only with Garmin GPS record attached to it. If you don’t have a Garmin GPS you can rent one for 25 EUR.
  • Those with CAMPER VANS:
    – For Prologue Day: we recommend you to stay with your camper at the basecamp parking (open in maps)
    – For Offroad Day 1-2: we recommend you can go to Kakastaréj Fogadó (open in maps) area for a safe an spatious parking with electricity, toilets etc or to this free parking option for campers in the following location but with no other comfort options available (open in maps).  From these two locations you will be able to reach the offroad days start area easily on bikes.

Spectator Point Coordinates

Offroad Day 1

Offroad Day 2

Checkpoint List / Category

Offroad Day 1

Cp1 – ABC
Cp2 – ABC
Cp3 – ABC
Cp4 – ABC
Cp5 – BC
Cp6 – ABC
Cp7 – A
Cp8 – ABC
Cp9 – BC
Cp10 – ABC

A (PRO) – 8 CP in Total
B (Expert,Veteran) – 9 CP in Total
C (Hobby, Girls) – 9 CP in Total

Offroad Day 2

Cp4 A
Cp9 A
Cp10 ABC

A (PRO) – 10 CP in Total
B (Expert,Veteran) – 8 CP in Total
C (Hobby, Girls) – 8 CP in Total

Prolog Results

Offroad Day 1 Results

Offroad Day 2 and Final Results

The organizer of the event preserves the right to apply any necessary modifications if needed.