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hard enduro

The name comes from Ditrau city and from the organizing sports club – Ditriders Motorsport. It is meant to help associate the event with the local area. The event consists of 3 days, a day of prologue and two days of riding in the mountains that combine forest roads, steep climbs, rocky technical paths, etc.

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Frequently asked Questions

The participation fee for each edition is communicated on the Program and Regulations page.

The race will take place in the mountains. Riders will go on forest roads, steep climbs, rocky technical paths, etc. The terrain is mostly rocky, but there may be areas of mud, depending on the weather (rain is not a problem because the ground dries quickly).

Garmin GPS device is mandatory for all classes.

Yes – It is part of the National Championship of Romania

Yes, an FRM license is required. If the driver has a license from another motor sports federation, he / she needs the permission of that institution. If not, they can be purchased on the spot from the Romanian Motorcycle Federation.