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Program and regulations

Ditrocks race schedule

Day 1

14.07.2023 - PROLOG - Superenduro

Day 2

15.07.2023 - 90km Hard Enduro

Day 3

16.07.2023 - 65km Hard Enduro

If necessary, the Organizer reserves the right to modify the contest program.

Ditrocks Race Regulations

Race name: DITROCKS hard-enduro
• Organizer: DITRIDERS
• Sport federation: FRM – Federația Română de Motociclism
Period: 14-16 July 2023
Base Location:  – See in Google Maps
• Website: www.ditrocks.ro
• Email: ditrocksrace@gmail.com


• PRO – for those experienced, with a very good physical condition
• EXPERT – experienced riders with a good physical condition
• HOBBY – Not recommended for beginners.
• VETERAN – for riders 45+, will ride on the Expert track
• WOMAN – will have the track of the Hobby class
For each class, the participation is individual and the tracks are different. The Hobby class will have the easiest track, while experts more consuming, more technical, and longer. The PROs will have the hardest track. Each day of the contest will have different tracks.
On day 1 will take place the PROLOG race at the base location, on a track with artificial obstacles built from stone, wood, tires, etc. The start place is based on the race number that you will get on the day of the prolog, after registration. The second day is the longest day, with a longer and technical track for each class. On the 3rd day, riders will have a shorter faster track, with up-hills, down-hills, and stony technical tracks.
All tracks are marked obviously, in order to be easy to find. About the marking, you will get the necessary information on the briefing, before the race.


– This year there will be NO organized departure from the Base to the Start area location, each rider will need to get to the starting area on their own. We will publish the start area location on 14.07.2023!
– This year there will be NO guarded Park Ferme available, each rider will need to deposit their motorcycle on their own.
– The prologue will take place at the base camp on a super enduro/enduro cross track consisting of constructed and arranged obstacles.


The registration fee is 200 EURO! For girls the registration is free.

It is possible to transfer your ENTRY FEE to another rider. The refund for registered competitors who will not join the race for any reason will be in the amount of 80% till 12 of JULY 2023. After 12 of JULY 2023, there will be no refunds. For a refund, the competitor should send a refund request by email containing full name/IBAN/ SWIFT/ name of the bank/ City / Country./ and telephone nr.


The total value of the prizes depends on the income of the race but will be more than 2500 euro + 15.000 EUR total value vouchers from Nordicamoto.ro!
Riders who are on the podium, the presence is mandatory at the prize-giving, otherwise, the prizes are not given to the missing rider.

The First 3 places from all categories will be awarded in the final.
First 3 places from PRO category will be awarded also after the Prolog.


All the competitors must have a competition license valid for current year:
• Romanian competitors – Hard Enduro FRM license or UNICA all, valid for current year or only for this race
• Foreign competitors – international FIM license (Enduro or Cross Country), UEM (Enduro or Rally Raid)
License and health insurance valid for 1 race can be made at the Secretariat of the competition. Foreign competitors who have no license must have been released from the National Federation of Motorcycling in their country in order to make the license released by FRM valid for 1 race – for DITROCKS hard enduro. They must have START PERMISSION. Those under 18 must have a notary statement from both parents.
Those under 12 must be accompanied by another competitor/ parent/ relative/ friend (+18) who takes responsibility for them. The registration can be done online: www.ditriders.ro where you can find the entry form that must be completed and subscribed. In case of technical difficulties regarding the online entry, please write us an email at ditrocksrace@gmail.com and we will send to you the entry form so you can complete it and send it back to us.


Race numbers are given by the Organizer in the order of registration. Race numbers cannot be changed during the competition. It is forbidden to start the race without the race numbers provided by the Organizer attached to the motorcycle.
The competitors are not allowed to manufacture their own race numbers. In case the race numbers have badly deteriorated the competitors will ask the Organizer for a new copy of their race numbers.

A category: numbers from 1 to 99
B category: numbers from 100-199
C category: numbers from 200-299
Veteran category: nr. from 300-350
Girls category: nr. from 400-420


• any technical intervention on the motorcycle will be made on a waterproof tarpaulin with a minimum size of 200x100cm;
• in the service park the organizer will provide a container for collecting fluids ( oil, brake fluid, etc.). Discarding these fluids randomly or in other places than the designated ones is strictly forbidden;
• in the service park no drive tests of the motorcycle are allowed.
Failure to comply with the cold park and service area rules may lead to penalties or even exclusion of the competitor(s) from the competition.


On day1 (PROLOG), competitors will take the start according to the contest number, a number which will be assigned after registering on 15 July on the secretariat of race. The results for the day1 will be displayed on the notice board near the Secretariat. The starting order for the second route day will be determined by the day1 ranking. The final ranking after day 2 (day1 + finishing time day 2) will represent the starting order for day 3.


Will be clearly marked. More information regarding refueling and also the refuel points will be presented at the briefing. It is mandatory to refuel with the engine stopped. Smoking is strictly forbidden in the refuel points.
The organizer will provide the fuel, with the following mentions:
• the fuel necessary for the first day is the riders’ responsibility;
• riders will arrive at the start in the second day of the competition with a full tank, at their own expense;
• the organizer will provide the fuel in the refueling point within a 5 liters maximum limit/ rider/ race day
• riders with two-strokes motorcycles will be provided with fuel mixed with a special oil at a 1:50 ratio;
• the special oil for two-strokes motorcycles is the Full Synthetic type;
• the fuel provided by the organizer is the RON 95 gas type

CHECKPOINTS (CP) and other information regarding the contest

Checkpoints are contestant checking points that will be clearly indicated on the track. Each CP will have a minimum of 2 referees. It is mandatory for each rider to check all the CPs, therefor the rider MUST stop in every CP, in order to be registered by the referees.
It is very important for the safety of every competitor, that the organizer knows where you are on the track, thing that it is possible by checking the lists in the CPs. We will use timekeeping vouchers for each rider. Any conspicuous event during the race, regarding the competitors, such as evidently injured competitors or a technical defect stopped competitor, MUST be announced in the first CP that you reach. If serious injuries are directly contacted by mobile phone the Race Director, using the phone numbers provided, to offer him all the details, such as GPS coordinates, place of accident, and if it is possible, how serious is the accident. In case you don`t have a signal for your phone, tell another competitor about it and he will announce it (don`t leave the one who is injured alone!!!). The time spent to offer your help will be reduced from the total time by the end of the day. Due to this fact, all the riders MUST have with them a charged mobile phone, so you can use it, while you are on the track. Every participant must have with him a functional flashlight. Any competitor who will arrive in a CP, after the track closing, won`t be able to finish the race. He must return to the base-camp on the track that will be indicated by the referees, or with them. Disrespecting this fact leads to disqualification of the competitor.

The checkpoints on the track will be monitored with a live tracking system, which will make the race more fair and transparent.


Garmin GPS devices are mandatory for the Pro (A) class riders and recommended (but NOT mandatory) for the other class riders. They provide the most accurate race data recording and any contestation will be accepted only with Garmin GPS record attached to it.

Garmin GPS devices can be rented from the organizer at 25 EUR for the entire event. The number of available devices is limited so please contact us as soon as possible at ditrocksrace@gmail.com for device reservation. 


In case of abandonment, it is imperative that the competitor announce it, by phone or directly to the Race Director. Failure to respect the obligation to inform the organizers in case of retirement, abandonment of disqualification, where search operations are carried out, will result in the competitor being liable for the financial costs of search or rescue operations.


Penalties are:
• warning;
• time penalty;
• elimination for one day from the race;
• elimination from the race.
Penalties are established by the Competition Manager, at the proposition of the officials, after consulting the point of view of the involved competitor and eventual witnesses.
The decision of the Competition Manager is final.


Any appeals will be filled at the Secretary Office of the competition (130euro), in writing using the English language, in maximum of 30 minutes from the displaying of the provisional standings.


• Not attending the prologue results in a penalty of 1 hour.
• Not attending the prologue final for those who have qualified results in a penalty of 30 minutes.

Day 2-3
The following cases are considered as missing a checkpoint:
• Failure of a competitor to appear at a checkpoint.
• Arrival of a competitor at a checkpoint from a direction other than the normal course or from the route of another class.
• Departure of a competitor from a checkpoint in a direction other than the race course or on the route of another class.

Disqualification of a competitor can occur under the following conditions:
• Presence on the race course before the start of the competition.
• Refueling with the engine running.
• Smoking at the refueling point.

Not stopping at the checkpoint or any other point on the course when requested by the official at that checkpoint incurs a penalty of 1 hour.
Missing/avoiding a checkpoint or any other point on the course when requested by the official at that checkpoint incurs a penalty of 2 hours.
Missing/avoiding CP 8 on day 1 offroad incurs a penalty of 4 hours.


Competitors are required to stick on motorcycles all the promotional materials provided by the Organizer. The race track is entirely offroad. On the portions of public road between Basecamp and Start, between Finish and Basecamp, and on the eventual portions connecting the different stages of the race, competitors will ride in accordance with the Romanian laws regarding traveling on public Romanian roads.
Responsibility for the Romanian public road sections lies entirely with the competitors. Competitors are requested not to leave their equipment or personal belongings unattended, the Organizer does not assume any responsibility for them. 
Each competitor enters the competition at his/her own risk.
All civil or penal responsibility for any damage inflicted upon his own person, another competitor(s), or any goods lies exclusively with the competitor(s).
If necessary the Organizer reserves the right to modify the competition timetable